27 Chic Glow Stick Ideas And Uses

For any event or party, one of the most versatile decorations you can opt for are glow sticks. There’s an unlimited potential for their use, not to mention that they are affordable and look great!

From beer coolers to glowing jars, we have found 27 of our favourite and unique ideas for your glow sticks.

Remember, be careful if they break, as the fluid inside can be potentially dangerous. So be extra-aware if they are around kids.

(We do not own any of the images below).

Birthday mix
Glowing pool idea
Beer cooler
Birthday cake
Light decoration
Water bottles
Spooky lights
Sticks and bracelets
Shiny handprints
Coke bottles
Decoration idea
Unique ball design
Glowing glasses
Spider idea
Bright decor
Ring toss game
Glowing balls
Glow in the dark jars
Tic Tac Toe
Dining table
Party decoration
Hat idea
Birthday decoration
Party decor


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